There are those who think that men's earrings have only been a 'thing' since the Eighties, but the fact is that men have been wearing earrings since caves were a thing when it came to housing. For centuries after that men wore diamond and gemstone earrings as an expression of their personal style, social status and wealth in countries all over the world.

Diamond earrings for men fell out of fashion for a while at some point, and back in the Eighties some were a bit shocked by men with earrings, but today it's once again become the norm. And with that said, diamond earrings for men are increasing in popularity again, too. And we think that's a great thing.

If you want to invest in diamond earrings for men, making the right choice for what can be a significant investment is something of a must. Here to help you is a basic guide to men's diamond earrings we hope you find useful.

Diamond Stud Earrings for Men

The options available when discussing diamond earrings for men often seem to center solely around stud earrings, and these are the most common style for men to wear. But not diamond studs are, by any means, created equal. There is, in fact, a lot to consider - perhaps a lot more than you ever thought - when choosing the right diamond studs for you (or your partner, as diamond earrings for men make great gifts.)

Diamond Stud Earrings Sizing Considerations

How big do you want your bling to be? That's up to you of course, based on your budget and personal taste, but as you shop for diamond studs you'll find they are listed by carat weight, and translating that into real world size can be hard to do, especially if you are shopping online.

The weight of any diamond is measured in carats. The larger the size of the rock, the higher the carat weight. The weight of a carat is commonly represented by a number followed by the letters CT. One carat, for example, is represented by 1.00CT, whereas half a carat is represented by 0.50CT.

To give you an idea of the size of a real diamond, consider the following:

  • A tiny round diamond with a carat weight of 0.05CT measures roughly 2.5mm across.
  • The diameter of a 0.25CT square princess cut diamond is approximately 3.4mm.
  • The diameter of a 0.50CT round diamond is approximately 5.1mm.
  • The diameter of a 1.00CT round diamond is around 6.5mm.

The chances are that you are not shopping for a huge diamond, the way you might if shopping for a diamond ring, but something that will look good on your lobes and not drag your lobes down too much, or feel too heavy while you are wearing. Given that the metal the diamonds are mounted onto adds weight as well, for many men a smaller choice has just the right impact.

Diamond Earrings For Men Cut Considerations

Perhaps the most important consideration when shopping for diamond earrings for men is the diamond's cut. The 4 C's of diamonds are all things to keep in mind, but for smaller diamond jewelry pieces like diamond stud earrings the cut can make a significant difference to the appearance, and the brilliance and sparkle.

The most common cuts for diamond solitaire stud earrings are round cut and princess cut. Round cut diamonds are the traditional choice and have a lot of sparkle. Princess cut diamonds are square, have a modern appearance, and have a remarkable brightness. They also, despite the name, have what some consider a slightly more 'masculine' appearance, although that is very much up to personal interpretation.

These are not the only diamond cut choices for men's diamond earrings though. An Asscher cut has an elegant, vintage appearance, and is great for those looking for something with unique appeal. The emerald cut, which resembles an extended Asscher but has a distinct cut, is another option. It is a step cut diamond rather than a brilliant cut diamond, as most diamonds are. This means it doesn't sparkle as brightly as brilliant diamonds, but it appears larger and can produce brighter flashes of light.



Diamond Earrings for Men Clarity and Color Considerations

As they are smaller pieces, the color and clarity of diamond earrings for men is sometimes not given the attention they might deserve. While it's true that any flaws are much harder to spot, you should still know if and where they exist, and color is important for any diamond.

Speaking of color, fancy colored diamond earrings are growing in popularity too. These naturally colored gems are rare - and often pricey -but for those looking for a pair of statement earrings they can certainly be that. Yellow and 'chocolate' diamonds are popular choices for men, but really anything goes, including pink diamonds if those happen to appeal to you.

Diamond Earrings for Men Settings

As is the case for diamond engagement rings, even the setting is important when shopping for men's diamond earrings, not only in terms of how secure they are to wear often but how the diamond they enclose is showcased.

There are usually two types of setting designs to choose from: prong and bezel.

Each of these options has its own set of benefits. The diamond is almost entirely encircled by the bezel setting, which usually only shows the top of the diamond. This increases the diamond's resistance to wear and tear as well as its security against being dislodged. A bezel setting is also popular among those who prefer a more contemporary look.

A prong setting, on the other hand, exposes more of the diamond, allowing more of it to be seen. This also allows more light to enter the diamond, making it sparkle brighter and appear larger. Prongs are a magnificent setting, but they do necessitate a little more maintenance. You should have the setting checked on a regular basis to ensure that the prongs do not move out of place, resulting in the loss of your stone.

Can You Wear Diamond Studs for Men Every Day?

Most guys do want to wear their diamond studs on a daily basis. But should they? As long as they are properly cared for, absolutely. They should not really be worn to bed, in the shower or at the gym, as all of those situations put them at greater risk of loss or damage, but outside that there is no reason to reserve diamond earrings for men for special occasions, especially as they are so striking they deserve to be seen as often as possible.