We are really excited about Christies’ new jewelry catalog for their upcoming jewelry auction in London. The catalog has something for everyone, from really classic jewelry and watches to exciting and funky statement pieces.


We are particularly noticing (and loving) the pave look. Often you see pave on a ring with a center stone, but why not use it for the whole ring?

Take a look at the collection of rings on pages 32-33. These rings are made out of colored diamonds and gemstones clustered together. The small, boldly colored stones create a dazzling statement piece. Check out the flower earrings on page 72 for the same idea. Pave also looks great with white or colored diamonds.


We also love the use of gemstones combined with white and colored diamonds. Gemstones can be great accent stones to diamonds or a focal point on their own. Mixing different stones and metals creates really interesting pieces. Here is another unique mix of colored diamonds and gemstones.

Black Diamonds

Black jewelry is very in at the moment, and on pages 14-15 you can see why. Black gives any piece an extra edge, deviating from the generally feminine design of fine jewelry. If you are looking to design your own custom piece, black diamonds provide a different look, but are still affordable.

Christies has done a great job of picking beautiful and out of the ordinary pieces. We would love anything from this jewelry auction!

Christies' jewelry auction will take place in London on March 4, 2015 at 10:30 am. Even if you are not looking to buy, the catalogue is definitely worth taking a look at for inspiration!

You can find Christies’ interactive e-catalogue here. Be sure to check back with us after the auction to hear about the results!