Find your Purpose, Budget Accordingly

Diamonds are an important purchase for businessmen and collectors alike. The most common reason for purchasing these gems today is for engagements or marriages, though recipients will appreciate the gift of a diamond no matter what the occasion. A recent crash in market values across many industries has prompted investors to go for alternatives with a much more dependable market record. Diamonds fit the bill perfectly.

According to Brides, in 2013 the average American man spent $5,229 on his partner’s engagement ring. Jewellers usually advise that you save three months salary for purchasing a ring. This is a number that is hopefully big enough to give the buyer some choice. When choosing a diamond, one has to understand his or her partner’s taste and decide on a fixed budget, which he should discuss with his jeweller. Whatever you have budgeted, stick to it, and do not be tempted to overspend, even if the difference is just a few thousand dollars.

If you are planning on using diamonds as an investment strategy, purchasing can be a whole different ballgame. Experts recommend adhering to five basic principles: price transparency, resale liquidity, market access, quality certification, and expert guidance.

The criteria above are used to comprehensively judge which diamonds to buy, how many you need, and when you should liquidate them. If you have no experience in marketing or finance, it is suggested that you search for professional advice before making a decision. In the long run, it is almost always worth the cost of hiring an expert to assist you in making your investment decisions.

Understand Pricing for Fancy Colored Diamonds

Jewelers appraise diamonds according to the four C's: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. These play a great role in determining the price of each piece. A carat is equal to 0.2 grams and is about the same weight as a paper clip. Although different diamonds may have the same carat weight, they may be appraised differently due to their different cut, clarity, and color.

It is important to note how the four C's interact with each other to create a wide variety of price combinations. A gem that is as tiny as 1.5 carats can be worth several times more than a gem three times its size if its color and clarity are superior.

At Asteria Diamonds, we use GIA approved measuring and verification methods to judge the price of your piece. We take everything into account and remain open and transparent throughout the entire process.