Does weight affect the value of fancy color diamonds?

While weight is obviously one of the most important determinants of diamond value, it may at times be worthwhile to reduce a stone’s weight in order to enhance other characteristics of the stone which increase its value. For instance, a certain fancy color diamond may have external or internal imperfections that inhibit the intensity of its color. These imperfections can potentially be removed by returning the stone to the polishing wheel. But because the polishing can reduce the weight of the diamond, it is important to consider how much can be gained from removing the imperfections and whether it will offset the cost of the loss in weight.

How do we measure weight?

Of the four determinants, the easiest to measure is weight. Weight is a purely quantitative measure and thus can be determined objectively by placing the diamond on a scale. Diamonds weight is measured in units called carats- a word of Greek (or arguably Arabic) derivation which means carob seed. Carob seeds were believed to be of uniform weight and therefore ideal for weighing precious stones on scales as accurately as possible.

Remember: diamond “weight” and diamond “size” are NOT the same thing. Size refers to the diamond’s height, length and width while weight is determined by placing the stone on a scale. Although diamonds of identical size tend to be around the same weight, structural differences can sometimes mess with the ratio. In any event, as a diamond buyer, it is up to you to determine what you’re ideal combo of weight and shape should be.

How much is actually in a carat anyway?

One carat is set to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams.

Where does a diamond cutter fit into this?

Diamond cutter is responsible for taking a raw stone and turning it into the beautiful diamonds that we see in our jewelry. Essentially, he takes a rough stone and turns it into a polished diamond. How the stone is to be cut will depend on the type of diamond. For white diamonds, cutters will try to bring out the brightness in the stone. For colored diamonds, cutters will try to emphasize the unique color of the diamond.

Colored diamonds? I assume those are more expensive…

They definitely can be, Colored diamonds are very rare and can potentially fetch up to 10 times the price of a white diamond. And even between different colors of diamonds there are substantial differences. For instance a 1-carat Fancy Vivid yellow diamond with VS2 clarity will cost more than a 2.5-carat Fancy yellow diamond with VS2 clarity. Then you have a 0.5-carat Fancy Blue diamond with SI clarity which is priced more than both of them put together.