Vintage jewelry has come back in style in a big way, especially vintage rings. In the age where everyone has an engagement ring and so many look exactly the same, people yearn for a way to make their ring as individual as they are. Intricate gold work, rose gold, yellow gold or white gold with a hint of yellowing create a vintage setting, and the right colored diamond is the perfect way to complete the look.


The appropriate stone will add an authenticity to your ring. Deep green colored stones are commonly found in vintage and Art Deco pieces. Often a green diamond or emerald will be paired with a yellow gold setting, one of the most classic Art Deco combinations. However, green stones can also be paired with a properly designed white gold setting, usually a more elaborate setting often including pave.

Olive and gray toned stones are also often used in vintage jewelry.

Champagne colored diamonds are a very popular choice to make jewelry look like it is from a bygone era. Champagne diamonds can be combined with smaller white diamonds to create a pattern, or used as a center stone. They fit perfectly in a yellow or rose gold setting.

Black diamonds are also a fantastic (and cheap!) option for an Art Deco style piece. Paired with a silver colored setting with a geometric pattern, a black stone will lend the perfect dramatic effect and make your ring look like it is straight out of the 1920's.

Gold and Settings

The most popular colors of gold used in more Victorian styles of vintage jewelry are yellow gold and rose gold. White gold of course can be use for vintage as well, but is found more frequently in Art Deco style pieces.
A vintage setting will usually have a more elaborate band and stone setting, with curves, loops and other unique design elements. Art Deco settings are known for their sleek lines and shapes, often exhibiting geometric patterns. For all vintage rings, a center stone can be used or smaller stones can enhance an elaborate setting design.


Of course the classic round diamond is often used for vintage rings, as it is most often used for all rings. But, a diamond with a more unique shape can help add to the individuality and authenticity of your vintage bauble.
Much like with the setting, Art Deco rings usually use stones with straight, sharp lines. These shapes often include emerald, marquise and octagon.
Other vintage rings will call more for stones with softer shapes, such as a pear or oval cut.

Your Vintage Ring

The amazing thing about vintage rings is that each one looks unique and individual, and really speaks to a person's personality. There is nothing cookie cutter about them. The best way to ensure you receive your perfect ring is to bring your one-of-a-kind idea to a talented, custom jeweler. Vintage rings are a great way to express your individuality and make sure your ring is as special as you are!

If you'd like to explore your options in designing your own vintage ring contact Asteria Diamonds today to talk to our in house custom jeweler.