White (or colorless) diamonds have been a longstanding consumer favorite. But, with shifting trends and preferences, yellow diamonds, otherwise known as canary diamonds, are quickly catching up. Let's take a look at what is making yellow diamonds gain popularity so quickly.

Rise to Popularity

In 2011, Rihanna released her infamous song “We Found Love”. In the chorus she proclaims, Yellow diamonds in the light.  In 2010, Tiffany & Co. did just this with the launch of their Yellow Diamonds collection in Japan.The esteemed diamond company brought this glamorous diamond, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and settings, to the general public. In the last decade, with the Tiffany & Co. collection launch, yellow diamonds have become the most sought after colored diamond.

Appeal of Yellow Diamonds

The appeal of the yellow diamond begins with its dazzling sunshine hue. The range of price has made it popular among the rich and famous and the general population. Fancy light yellow (lightest shade) and fancy yellow (medium shade) diamonds can range from anywhere between four and ten thousand dollars. With the more intense yellow diamonds (such as the fancy intense yellow and the fancy vivid yellow), prices can raise by 30- 50%. A fancy vivid yellow diamond's price can rise 100% in value from the lower intensities.

Wearing Yellow Diamonds

Yellow is not an easy color to wear. It is a statement color, especially in the form of a dazzling diamond. Whoever dares to wear one makes a clear assertion of confidence. In the Hindu tradition the yellow chakra symbolizes self worth, wisdom and clarity. Those with a strong yellow energy stand tall and radiate power. Thus, wearing a yellow diamond takes incredible poise. Anyone who chooses a yellow diamond wants to be noticed, in a good way.


Yellow Diamonds on the Red Carpet

It is no surprise that the yellow diamond makes its most prominent appearance on the red carpet. At the 2014 Emmy Awards in August, yellow diamonds made a startling appearance. Lucy Liu donned large canary diamond drop earrings that weighed more than 50 carats with a 13-carat canary diamond ring to match. Julia Roberts wore only one statement piece of jewelry, drop- dead gorgeous oval canary yellow diamond earrings.

However popular the yellow diamond was in 2014, and is predicted to be in 2015, the yellow diamond remains timeless. So ladies, Shine bright like a diamond, with a dazzling yellow piece.