De beers eyes 5 percent increase in global demand for diamonds this year

The world’s renowned diamond company-De Beers expects a surprising 4 to 5 increase in the demand for diamond jewelry this 2014!

The company made the statement after they made $3.8 billion rough diamond sales, which is equivalent to 15 percent rise from their previous sales. Not only that, De Beers’ also earned $3.5 billion from their rough diamond sales which are also 15% higher that their previous sales during the first half of the year.  The operating profit of De Beers also increased by $194 million this 2014! When asked what may have caused the soaring demands for diamonds, De Beers immediately ascribes it to the growing popularity of diamond jewelry in China and United States.

Consequently, the company increased its diamond jewelry production to 12 percent from January to June 30, 2014! Its production guide also increased accordingly to 31 million carats, or one million carats increase from last year’s production! The increase in diamond production was realized because the company finally dealt with these past issues:(1) Heavy rainfall in South Africa that used to obstruct diamond production, (2) Orapa’s planned maintenance, and (3) The slope failure of the company at Jwaneng.

De Beers’ new company, ‘Forever’ also continues to make huge sales especially in America. At present, De Beer’s operates four jewelry stores in the US which are located in Florida, Houston, New York and California. The company’s joint venture with LVMH in operating diamond retails stores are also making brilliant performances as they focus on Asia and the all other fast-growing markets in the world! Above and beyond, Mark Cutifani, the chief executive of Anglo American said that there are encouraging signs of stronger diamond demands in the company’s key markets for the remaining months of 2014.

Diamond Rough prices up by 6 percent this 2014

Rough diamond prices leaped by 6 percent, generating an increase of 13 percent in Alrosa’s rough diamond sales within the first six months of 2014!

Alrosa is the world’s largest diamond producer when it comes to volume and a popular Russian diamond miner which operates in Moscow and maintains mines in Angola. It noted that the performance of the diamond markets has been positive during the past six months. The reports showed that Alrosa earned $2.7 billion from its diamonds weighing a total of 21.1 million carats during the first and second quarters this year. Out of 8.4 million carats of Alrosa diamonds sold in the last six months, 6.1 million carats thereof are gem-quality diamonds which were sold for an average price of $200 per carat; whereas, the remaining 2.3 million carats of industrial diamonds were sold for about $11 per carat.

Despite its positive sales, Alrosa’s diamond production dropped by 7 percent this year because of the planned maintenance of its Aikhal and Udachny processing plants. Nonetheless, Alrosa promised the public that with its Severalmaz processing plant, the company can still generate 36 million carats of diamonds for the remaining months of 2014!


The newest trademarks in the diamond industry

Simon Golub, Mystara diamonds, and Imperial Australia are the latest issued trademarks in the diamond industry.

It’s official! After using the term ‘Simon Golub’ for 92 years, the company Simon Golub & Sons Inc. finally got its trademark status. The company has been using the term Simon Golub" to refer to its products which consist of jewelry, diamonds and gemstones since 1922. But, it only received the trademark ‘Simon Golub’ last July 22, 2014 after it filed its trademark application in the 16th of December 2013.

‘Mystara Diamonds’ trademark was also issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to Stuller Inc after it has filed its application on September 19, 2013. Stuller has been using the trademark Mystara Diamonds for commercial purposes on the same month it has applied for registration. The company is located in Lafayette, Louisiana. And what does ‘Mystara Diamonds’ refer to?  Of course, it stands for jewelry with diamonds.

At the other side of the world, “Imperial Australia” trademark was finally recognized by the Australian government in the best interest of Toscow Pty. Ltd. Australia. Such trademark will officially refer to the compan.y’s products which consist of fine and fashion jewelry with diamonds, gemstones and various metals plus cases and boxes from April 2013 to April 2023.


Panama Diamond Exchange appoints new business development director

Dirk Blommaert is the newest business development director of Panama Diamond Exchange!

The company created the role to promote the interests of its Panama Gem & Jewelry Center around the world. Blommaert shall also promote the company throughout Latin America which is considered as the key trading center for jewelry, colored gemstones and diamonds. The company expects him to  interact with manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of Jewelry in Latin America to further the position of the company as well as that the new Panama Gem & Jewelry Center to make the latter as  the major gemstone and jewelry center for Latin America. Blommaert shall perform this promotional campaign simultaneously with the company’s global industry campaign to make the two companies as the gateway to the region.

Can Dirk Blommaert meet the challenges that await him? Probably yes! He has been in the business of jewelry and gemstone for 20 years and he has spearheaded several promotional works for big trades like New York’s International Gem Tower, Baselworld and Antwerp. Diamond markets are not new to him either. He has already conducted several events for Antwerp diamond companies/ACTYF which targets emerging diamond markets like China, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia.