A magnificent peacock brooch made of colored diamonds was recently unveiled in the Netherlands as part of the TEFAF antique and luxury item fair. With a total weight of 120.81 carats, the unique piece is part of Graff Diamonds’ collection and is valued at $100 million. The event, a yearly affair, took place in Maastricht and ran from March 15 through March 24; it was attended by some 70,000 worldwide visitors.

Measuring just over 10cm in height, the brooch features a 20.02-carat pear shape fancy deep blue diamond at the center. The stone is particularly rare, stated Graff, whose craftsmen created the piece in the company’s London workshop.Spreading out from the main diamond are various stones that make up the body, head and tail of the peacock. The tail feathers consist of blue, white, yellow and orange diamonds, all in a variety of shapes and sizes. The tip of each feather is done in a white diamond, giving it an eye-catching, some say flowery, effect.

The piece is functional as well as beautiful, with an additional clasp at the back to enable to wearer to remove the main blue diamond from the brooch and thus wear it two different ways.

Associated with royalty, blue diamonds are increasingly popular and often found in today’s diamond engagement rings or necklaces. Other blue diamonds have also sold at top prices. In November 2012, U.S. jeweller Sotheby’s sold a flawless deep blue diamond at auction for roughly $10.86 million. Many believed this rare stone, weighing 10.48 carats and garnering a world-record price, would be recut. The stone is about the size of an almond and fetched more than double its estimated price of 3.2 million to 4.2 million Swiss francs.