For the most part, the less color a diamond has the better. On average, colorless diamonds score the highest grades on the scales used by gem labs to classify diamond quality. And yet oddly enough one of the most famous diamonds of all is anything but colorless. The Hope Diamond, a 45 ct stunner currently housed at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, is the second most visited piece of art (because that is what it is now considered) with only the Mona Lisa receiving more visitors in The Louvre. And it's blue.

Naturally colored diamonds exist in nature and, as the Hope demonstrates admirably, have a special beauty and glamour all of their own. And these colored diamonds are increasingly finding their way into the engagement ring market. It's due in part to the influence of celebrities who are increasingly turning away from the traditional diamond and opting for a colored diamond engagement ring instead.

A listers who have done so in recent years include Victoria Beckham (a light fancy pink) Kelly Clarkson (fancy yellow) fellow American Idol alum Carrie Underwood (who also went the yellow route) and way back when, before A-Rod came on the scene Jennifer Lopez famously received a stunning fancy pink sparkler from Ben Affleck that was valued at $1.2 million.

But do colored diamond engagement rings make a good choice in real life? Should you be considering opting for one over the standard 'white' sparkler? The answer is, basically, maybe.

You may want to think about colored diamond engagement rings if you (or your fiancee if you are a gent) for any of the following descriptions:

Very Fashion Forward with a Love of the Unique

A colored diamond engagement certainly sets its wearer apart from the crowd. For the woman who loves fashion, loves being fashionable but in a rather cutting edge or unique way then a colored diamond engagement ring may be a perfect choice, especially if it paired with a less traditional setting choice like a deep rose gold.

Drawn to Glamour and Romance

Do you love the glamour and glitz of Old Hollywood? Do you love the various royal families of the world with awe, especially when it comes to their jewelry? Do you prefer to be dressed up rather than being dressed down? If so, a colored diamond may be just the glamorous accessory you need.

Have a Signature Color

Some people simply have a signature color, a color they love and incorporate in all kinds of aspects of their life. Other people are simply associated with a color thanks to their looks. Think Elizabeth Taylor's famous violet eyes or Rita Hayworth's stunning flame red hair. Thanks to the fact that there are more colored diamond options available than you might think the chances are very good that those with a signature color can find something to match their favourite hue from among the many different colored diamond engagement rings available today.

Looking for a Meaning

Some people do subscribe to the theory that gemstones of different kinds have a certain meaning attached to them, or can be used to convey a particular quality. This is true of colored diamonds for sure. For example, a yellow diamond is often said to represent stability and tranquility, while purple or pink diamonds symbolize great passion and romance (red diamonds are said to be the most 'erotic' of all but they are also very rare) If such things matter to you - as they do to many - then a colored diamond engagement ring can be used to convey these qualities to the world.