Unheated sapphires are highly valued and sought after because of their unique natural beauty. Though they come from several different places like Burma, Ceylon, and Madagascar, the most expensive ones come from Kashmir. Butterfly wings, rutile needles, zoning, and banding are all natural inclusions in unheated sapphires.

Unheated Natural Sapphires: Why Should You Choose Them?

There are four primary reasons to choose natural unheated sapphires: beauty, rarity, colour and clarity, and authenticity. There is a clear connection between these four attributes; the interaction of the first two factors produces the third, and so on. You can see why untreated sapphires are an intelligent choice when we consider each element separately.

The Beauty

For centuries, it has been a tradition to use gemstones in jewellery because of their beauty. Authentic gemstones were the only alternatives available when the first jewellery pieces were crafted because there were no synthetics or stimulants during that time. Even though costume jewellery and synthetic stones may look nice, they will not be as valuable or rare as natural sapphire.

To some people, only appearance matters. However, if you prefer "the real thing," you should know the factors you must consider when choosing sapphire jewellery.

The Rarity

If there were thousands of this sapphire, we might not see such a great demand for them as we see today. Our fascination with them is not only due to their beauty but also their scarcity. We treasure unusual and uncommon objects, and we cherish the standout items. In jewellery, gemstones become even more potent symbols of value because they help recognise the wearer's uniqueness.

The Colour and Clarity

Buying an untreated sapphire is just the beginning of the sapphire selection process. A sapphire's colour is the most crucial factor contributing to its beauty. Blue sapphire is the most popular colour of sapphires, but blue sapphire is available in a wide variety of colours, and their choice is highly individual. In terms of colour, the richest, deepest, and purest colours are the most valuable.

The Authenticity

When purchasing untreated sapphires, authenticity is essential. Heat can cause dramatic changes to the stone's appearance but subtle changes to its internal composition. When purchasing a stone, you should ensure it is genuine by doing two things.

First, you should try getting a certificate from an independent gemological laboratory. In addition to basic information about the sapphire, these certificates will help indicate whether a sapphire was under heat treatment. In addition, people work with a highly reputable company with expertise and knowledge in dealing with untreated sapphires. In this case, the sapphire will go straight from the mine to the cutter without having to pass through an oven - a reputable company may be able to deal directly with the miners.

A gem's beauty comes from its interaction with light, and gems do not always photograph well. Reviewing enough options to find one that stands out to you is essential. To see how a sapphire reflects colour under various lighting conditions, look at it in different lighting conditions. Direct sunlight and white fluorescent light will show a sapphire's actual colour.

What is unheated sapphire


Making an informed and secure purchase begins with understanding what you are purchasing. The qualities of a fine unheated sapphire correspond precisely to those of a gemstone: rare, exquisitely beautiful, and valuable.

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Is it worth buying yellow sapphire, pink sapphire and yellow gold?

In general, yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, and yellow gold are suitable investments because coloured jewellery is in demand, making them more valuable. High-quality yellow diamond jewellery with a pleasing yellow hue can be a brilliant investment. Purple sapphire and white gold are suitable investments from the ones mentioned above. The diamond should have at least two and a half carat weight.

Does heated sapphire exist?

Heated sapphires exist at industry-accepted temperatures to enhance their colour and clarity and are known as natural heated sapphires. Neither the longevity nor durability of sapphire are affected by this standard, legal, and stable process.

How can I use a loose gemstone?

You can generally sell your loose gemstone to the same buyers as diamonds or precious metals. Gemstones are usually accepted by jewellers, gemstone dealers, diamond buyers, diamond exchanges, antique dealers, and pawnshops.