What are Pink Argyle Diamonds?

Argyle Pink Diamond is one of the rarest and most expensive diamonds globally. De Beers mined it in 2017, and it is estimated to be worth $50 million. It has been discovered that at least three other mines produce a similar argyle pink color. Originating as the Argyle Rose, it was renamed the Argyle Pink Diamond by Harry Winston in 1972. The stone was initially bought for $1 million.
Pink diamonds have a pinkish-red tint, and they don't get their color from chemical impurities such as other fancy colored diamonds. Instead, the exact reason for their coloring remains uncertain.
Pink Argyle diamonds used to be most often found in the Argyle diamond mine within Western Australia (now closed after 37 years of operations). Other areas that have been known to produce pink diamonds include India, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, and Canada.
Although the pink Argyle diamonds are not as rare as blue diamonds, they're still relatively uncommon and usually only found in small quantities.
This section will help you get more information regarding the prices of pink Argyle Diamonds.

How Much Are Pink Argyle Diamonds Worth?

The pink diamond price or the market value of pink Argyle diamonds is not easy to determine because many factors influence the price.
The color of the diamond is not what determines its value. The value of a diamond is determined by the quality and clarity of the stone. Pink Argyle diamonds are rare, but they are not necessarily more valuable than other types of diamonds.
Diamonds come in all colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, pink, etc. The color does not determine the value of a diamond. The value is determined by how clear it is and how high quality it is.
Pink argyle diamonds are rare and beautiful, and with the high demand for them, they can be priced anywhere from $2,500 to $22,000 per carat.

Argyle Diamonds bracelet

Argyle Diamonds bracelet

The Factors Affecting The Price Of The Pink Argyle Diamond

Aside from its rarity that affects the cost of pink argyle diamonds, the price is also determined by the quality of the diamond.
A diamond with a GIA grade of H or higher will have a price range between $3,000 to $12,000. A diamond with an IGI grade of H or higher will have a price range between $1,500 to $6,000. A diamond with an AGS grade of H or higher will range between $1,500 to $5,500.
Pink Argyle diamonds with a GIA grade of L or lower will have a price range between $600-and $2,200.

Color Intensity and Carat Weight

Pink diamonds are rare and come with a hefty price tag. The main factor affecting the price of pink diamonds is the color intensity and carat weight, with the latter being more important. D-J color is considered the most valuable variety of pink diamonds in color intensity. D-J color is the most valuable variety of pink diamonds. It is scarce because it goes through de-pigmentation, which decreases the presence of black spots on the diamond's surface.
The price of pink Argyle diamonds in carat weight can vary from $1,000 to $25,000. The carat, an old metric weight for gemstones, was originally a unit of mass equal to four grains (grains or gr) or 0.064 grams (g). It is now the official measurement unit for gemstone weight. The more carats a diamond has, the more valuable it is. The number of carats has no bearing on the size of a diamond but rather what it's composed of. The higher the weight of the carat, the more expensive the diamond is.

Modifying Tone of the Diamond

You may have already noticed that different diamond colors come at different prices. The reason for this is the secondary or modifying tone of the diamond. The color of light reflected from a diamond is referred to as "body color." Body-color is revealed by the presence or absence of certain minerals in the gem. Inclusions and impurities in the stone will create a body color as well.


Clarity and color are essential to determine the market value of pink Argyle diamonds. Another factor influencing the price of pink Argyle diamonds is the cut. When a diamond has a good cut, it is worth more than if it doesn't have a good cut.

Argyle Diamonds ring

Argyle Diamonds ring

How Rare Are Pink Argyle Diamonds?

Pink Argyle diamonds are rare and therefore expensive. They are so rare that there are only a few pink diamond mines globally.
The rarity of pink Argyle diamonds is that they need to be mined in specific geological conditions. It was first discovered in the Argyle Mine in Western Australia and was the only one of its kind found there.
The rarity of pink Argyle diamonds results from the rarity of the parent diamond that produces them. Pink diamonds are rare because they are created when some other colorless diamond is exposed to high pressure. This causes nitrogen gas to enter the diamond and then turn it pink. When the diamond gets exposed to high pressure, it becomes a pink diamond.


Are Argyle diamonds valuable?

The Argyle diamond mine is the only source of pink diamonds on the market. This type of diamond is rare and expensive, making it valuable to many people who like to wear it to symbolize wealth and status.

Which pink diamond color is the most expensive?

The most expensive pink diamond was sold in 2013 for $83 million. The buyer remained anonymous, but some believe it was former tennis star Andre Agassi. The most expensive pink diamond is the "Graff Pink," which sold for $46 million in 2010. Laurence Graff bought it in London, England.


Diamonds are one of the most precious stones that we have. Argyle Diamonds are so unique because of their rarity and beauty. They come in various colors, but most importantly, they have a unique pattern. The patterns on the diamond are what makes them so valuable, and it's also what makes them so different from other diamonds.
A pink Argyle diamond is a type of diamond with an unusual and rare color — the color results from the presence of nitrogen in the crystal lattice, which creates a pink hue. The pink Argyle diamond is one of the rarest diamonds, which can be pretty expensive. It can be worth it to buy one if you are looking for something unique and beautiful for your ring or as a gift for someone special.