Natural Fancy Yellow diamonds are bold and bright, and they make exquisite yellow diamond jewelry pieces. Fancy Yellow diamonds are the most widely sought after of all the natural fancy color diamonds mined around the world, and their unique nature is making them more popular every year. The following are some fascinating facts about this captivating diamond:

One in 10,000 Diamonds is Yellow

Only one natural fancy color diamond will be discovered for every 10,000 almost colorless diamonds mined. Yellow diamonds, which make up roughly 60% of all fancy color diamonds, are the most prevalent of all the natural colored diamonds mined, including blue diamonds, orange diamonds, pink diamonds, and red diamonds, to name a few.

The most valuable diamonds are red and pink diamonds. There have only been about 20 to 30 truly red diamonds discovered in the world. Natural Fancy Yellow diamonds, on the other hand, are still incredibly rare when compared to white diamonds.

Every Yellow Diamond Has Its Own Unique Color

Because of their dazzling, vivid yellow color, fancy yellow diamonds are frequently referred to as Canary Yellow Diamonds. However, that rich yellow color is not found in every natural yellow diamond. A gorgeous yellow diamond has several facets, and each diamond is different in every way, even color. The color of a yellow diamond can vary based on its tone and saturation, varying from brownish yellow to orangey-yellow to greenish yellow and beyond.

Only the most vivid and intense yellow diamonds are labeled "Fancy Yellow." The Fancy Yellow diamonds are the most precious and sought after of all natural yellow diamonds.

Color Over Clarity Matters Most

Fancy yellow diamonds are appreciated for their rich, deep color, whereas white or colorless diamonds are prized for their dazzling sparkle. While each type of diamond has distinct qualities, the four Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) are not equally important for evaluating the value of a white diamond vs a beautiful yellow diamond.

Whereas white diamonds are appreciated for their lack of color and excellent clarity grade, fancy colored diamonds are valued for their color intensity. When buying a fancy yellow diamond, the color is the most significant aspect to consider: the deeper and more vivid the hue, the more precious the diamond. Even those with a slightly lower clarity grade due to inclusions will be prized for their beautiful color.

The Magic of Nitrogen

Because of the makeup of the rocks and soil in different mines around the world, different colored diamonds are produced. Natural fancy color diamonds are created when trace elements interact with carbon atoms during the diamond's formation. The normal diamond crystal is deformed as a result, and the diamond's color may vary.

The presence of nitrogen is believed to be the cause of the yellow color of fancy yellow diamonds. Because nitrogen absorbs color, they have a yellow hue. The intensity of the yellow is determined by the amount of nitrogen present.

Yellow diamond ring

Yellow diamond ring

Yellow Diamonds Make Excellent Investments

Certain yellow diamonds are excellent investments since their prices have risen dramatically over time. Because of their growing popularity, demand outstrips supply, raising their value. Yellow diamonds are also very easy to liquidate because of their popularity. And, unlike trendy - and very much unproven - investments in cryptocurrency you can actually see, feel and even wear yellow diamonds as beautiful yellow diamond rings, pendants, bracelets and more.

The Biggest of Them All

Many notable huge fancy colored diamonds have made history because of their size, price, and pure beauty. The 27.64-carat Heart of Eternity Blue Diamond and the 545.67-carat brown cushion-cut Golden Jubilee Diamond, both discovered at South Africa's Premier Diamond Mine, are two of these extraordinary jewels.

The 5.05-carat Kazanjian Red Diamond, discovered in Lichtenberg, South Africa in 1927, is another exceptional find. The Kimberley Octahedron, a beautiful yellow diamond weighing a whopping 616 carats, is the largest of them all. The Diamond Vault in the Big Hole in Kimberley, South Africa, houses this spellbinding diamond, which was unearthed in 1972.