The jewelry industry is huge. There are lots of options available, ranging from precious metals to precious and semi-precious gemstones. And of course diamonds, both in their clear and fancy colored forms.

But here, let's focus on gemstones other than diamonds. What factors influence a person's decision to choose one gemstone over another? Color, quality, and structure are all factors to consider while selecting a gemstone for sure. And price may be a factor too.

When it comes to meeting a buyer's specific requirements, however, emeralds are often a clear winner in terms of value for money and captivating style. It will be easier to appreciate the benefits of this interesting stone if you explore emerald jewelry and learn more about it. Which is what we are going to do here today.

Emerald Basics

Emeralds are beautiful gemstones that rank approximately 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. They are a type of the mineral beryl. For the sake of comparison, sapphires and rubies are ranked 9th, while diamonds are ranked 10th. Although emeralds are not as hard as diamonds, they are nevertheless incredibly durable. They come in a variety of hardnesses, up to and including an 8 on the Mohs scale.

Stunning emerald diamond set

Stunning emerald diamond set

Even though emeralds do typically have a lot of flaws, the color and the way they're cut can hide them so well that many inclusions aren't visible to the untrained eye and emerald jewelry still looks as flawlessly beautiful as any other option.

In terms of where they come from, the gemstones used in emerald jewelry may be found on all six continents, but Colombia produces the majority of them. Zambia is another notable emerald-producing country. Emeralds are also found in Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and the US, but in much lesser quantities.

Emerald Jewelry Shapes

Gemstone shapes are usually determined by the stone's structure. Because emeralds are so much softer than diamonds and frequently contain imperfections, the emerald shape is excellent, hence the name. Furthermore, this shape reduces the waste while cutting the stone.

Emerald diamond rings

Emerald diamond rings

The step cut, which is a collection of step-like cuts around the stone that gradually grow smaller and smaller, is what gives the emerald cut its shape. Also popular in emerald jewelry are heart shaped emeralds, pear shaped emeralds, and marquise cut emeralds.

Emerald Jewelry Colors

Many people are taken aback when they learn that emeralds aren't merely green. They can also be yellow or blue in color. Three elements determine the color of an emerald: hue, saturation, and tone. The hue is the color itself, thus if it's green, the hue is green. The hue is yellow green if it is yellow-green.

When we talk about saturation, we're talking about the color intensity, or the level at which the color can be recognized. Color intensity will most likely be stronger in darker stones. That is the color saturation of the stone.

Finally, the tone of an emerald alludes to the color's purity. A stone might be a single color, which is perfect for emeralds, or it can have several colors. The color of an emerald can be described as green-blue toned if it has a green-blue hue.

No one of these emerald jewelry colors is 'better' than the other when it comes to emerald jewelry, just different. While some love that deep, dark green that is most commonly associated with emerald jewelry, others find themselves drawn to lighter, yellow enhanced stones, or emeralds that are noticeably bluer. And that brings us to a big jewelry buying rule: buy what YOU love, not what anyone else thinks is beautiful.

Emerald Jewelry Meaning

Very few people buy gemstone jewelry just to have something to go with their outfit. Most people want their jewelry to have meaning to them, and understanding the meanings behind the various gemstones is something that jewelry lovers have been fascinated by for a long time.

So what are the meanings behind emerald jewelry? In terms of spirituality, the emerald has long been seen as a sign of truth and love.

Emerald was thought to be the gemstone of Venus, the goddess of love and hope, in Ancient Greece and Rome. Emeralds were venerated by the Incas and believed to be a source of eternal life by the Egyptians on the other side of the globe. Thoth, the ancient deity of wisdom, was said to have given emeralds as a gift to the Egyptian people as a token of his respect for them. The emerald is also regarded as a stone of intuition, as it is linked to vision and the revealing of future events and truths.

Emerald jewelry has plenty of romantic meaning too. While the ruby is renowned as the principal gem of love and passion due to its red hue, the emerald, with its green color indicating energy, new beginnings, and the spring season, was also considered a stone of love in ancient times.

A perfect emerald diamond set

A perfect emerald diamond set

As a result, it's the ideal gemstone to symbolize joyous new beginnings, love, and an everlasting partnership. Emerald can also indicate a long-term commitment and a strong natural bond with a person.

This means that emerald jewelry can be used to signify other relationships, not just romantic ones. Want to get your mother, aunt, sister or BFF (or even your father, brother or uncle) a gemstone piece that signifies the depth and importance of the relationship? Emerald jewelry is a great choice.

If you are interested in using metals, gems, and other materials to create adornments like bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces you can make your career as a jewelry designer.