Originating from the bible, a birthstone is the rare, durable and colorful gem that is believed to have a myriad of magical powers.
Each linked to a ruling planet; the concept of a birthstone comes from ‘Aaron the priest’s’ breastplate.
Studded with 12 gemstones, each linked to a zodiac sign, his breastplate included gemstones like the Ruby, Topaz, Emeralds, Turquoise and Sapphire that continue to hold importance over the years.

A cherished present, birthstone jewelry is ideal to offer to a loved one. Through this blog, Asteria Diamonds has put together a list of birthstones you need to know to celebrate each month with color.

January: The Kaleidoscopic Garnet

A gemstone that comes in numerous varieties from a lustrous green colored Tsavorite Garnet, to a vivid purplish red Rhodolite Garnet, it is believed to release negative energy and strengthen one’s memory.

February: The Orchid Amethyst

Derived from the Greek word, Amethyein, Amethyst is a gemstone linked to royalty.
The aubergine colored gemstone has been noted to promote sound sleep and relaxation.

March: Sea Blue Aquamarine

Linked closely to the sea, the light blue Aquamarine was believed to protect against seasickness. A gemstone that encourages a gentle nature, the aquamarine promotes friendship and love.

April: The Shimmering Diamond

Symbolizing purity, love and eternal strength, a natural Diamond is an invincible stone that comes in a variety of different colors. Available in delicate light pinks and bright yellows, the diamond is the perfect gem that epitomizes a pure relationship.

May: Verdant Green Emeralds

A gemstone that promotes perception and intuition, the soothing colors of the Emerald was once dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love.

Representing spring and new life, emeralds are an excellent choice to symbolize the beginning of a new relationship.

June: Two Toned Alexandrite

One of the rarest and most durable gems, the Alexandrite is popularly known for its optical properties.

A gem that transforms from a purplish red to a greenish blue, it symbolizes harmony.

July: The Elegant Ruby

Filled with a warm crimson color, a Ruby radiates love, passion and courage. Associated to strong feelings, these fiery red delights bring luck and love when set in jewelry.

August: Eternal Spinel

A gemstone that was once used to help with navigation, Spinel is said to add meaningful purpose.

With outstanding durability, spinels come in a range of colors from vibrant flattering hues to contemporary pastel shades.

September: Royal Sapphire

Believed to obtain its rich colors from the sky, the indigo colored Sapphire has always been a gemstone to ward off illnesses.

Representing loyalty and friendship, sapphire studded jewelry is becoming a popular trend.

October: Trendy Tourmaline

Tourmaline has been the traditional birthstone for the month of October.

Derived from the Sinhalese word Turmali, these colorful gems personify friendship and wealth.


When rubbed, tourmaline becomes electrically charged called Piezoelectricity.

November: Sunny Citrine

Originating from the Latin word citrus, these golden yellow gems symbolize confidence and individuality.

Part of the quartz species, Citrines are closely related to amethysts.

December: Eternal Turquoise

A classic choice to alleviate depression, Turquoise is derived from the word Turkey, as it travelled through Turkey before reaching Europe.
Mined in Iran, these electric blue gems have been used in jewelry for more than 3000 years.

The power of color and vibrations are key factors behind the belief of birthstones.
With Zodiac signs playing significant roles, gemstones hold unique symbolism as they help address ones strengths or weaknesses.