Valentine's Day. It's all about love, romance and couples buying each other cards, flowers and gifts like white diamond jewelry. Which leaves a lot of people out in the cold. In the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics, for the population in England Wales aged 16 and over, as of 2017 there are 16 million people aged 16 or over who are ‘single and have never cohabited or married’, equivalent to 34.5% of the adult population. And more than half of that number are women.

That might mean that 34.5% of the population dreads Valentine's Day. But that no longer seems to be the case. Most singles are not are bitter about it at all, the opposite in fact. They are busy building careers, buying homes and cars, living their lives for themselves. And an increasing number of them have no problem buying themselves gifts on Valentine's Day, including white diamond jewelry.

Why Buy White Diamond Jewelry For Yourself?

There are many good reasons why more and more women are buying white diamond jewelry for themselves. Many women are buying themselves what the media is terming 'a pinky self-love ring' This is their "pinky promise" to themselves. Others are buying them because now that they are out of university - or not - and becoming successful in the world of work and they realise that cheap fashion jewelry is fun, but as they move up and develop their personal brand they want to elevate their image too. Thern there is the best reason of all; because they can and they want to.

So are you ready to be one these forward thinking singletons? While you obviously probably won't be buying yourself a white diamond engagement ring there are still some gorgeous white diamond jewelry options for you to consider to treat yourself. Here's a look at just some of them:

White Diamond Bracelets

One of the best things about a white diamond bracelet it is that it goes with almost anything. Going out for the evening and will be dressing up? You'll look even more glamorous with bright sparkling bracelet on your wrist. However, if you are only heading out to the local restaurant down the street, a place better suited to jeansd and t shirt your bracelet still won't look out of place.

In fact, if you are going to treat yourself to a piece of white diamond jewelry then a bracelet may be the choice that offers you the best return on your investment, as it really can be worn every day. There are lots of styles to choose from - from a thin, understated diamond bracelet that simply showcases the diamonds themselves to more ornate options that include gold, silver or platinum accents or even fancy colored diamonds as well.

White Diamond Necklaces

Most fashion experts advise that every woman chose one piece of jewelry to be her statement piece, the piece that embodies her unique style and personality and she becomes known for wearing. And white diamond necklaces make great statement pieces whatever your own personal style happens to be. From delicate drop styles to chunkier collar styles you can find just the right look for you in just the right length.

Statement Rings

There is no rule that says you can't buy yourself some form of diamond ring - for Valentine's Day or any other day come to that matter. Or that you even have to stick to diamonds, as gemstone rings - rubies, sapphires, emeralds - are very beautiful choices as well.

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