What is Argyle Pink Diamond?

Coloured Diamonds are commonly priced based on the factors given by the cut, clarity, colour and carat or the four (4) c’s. The cut is the most important of these four c’s because it determines how well a diamond will sparkle and its ability to reflect light. Clarity is the second most crucial factor in determining a diamond's value. It refers to the number and size of imperfections within a stone. The diamond's colour is determined by how much yellow or brown tint is in the diamond. Colourless diamonds are more valuable than those with tints. Remember that when we say Carat, it refers only to the weight of a diamond and not to its size.
Coloured diamonds are rare and more expensive than their white diamond counterparts because the colour is achieved through natural, physical means and not artificial ones. The distinguishing feature of a coloured diamond is that it has been allowed to grow in colour under certain conditions, making it less plentiful. The process of achieving colour in a diamond is a long one. A diamond must be subjected to extreme heat for two weeks for the carbon content to leave the diamond core. After this process, it is then exposed to radiation which causes defects.

Are Coloured Diamonds Natural?

Coloured diamonds are created by adding colour to the diamond before it is cut and polished. There are many different types of coloured diamonds that can be created. For example, a blue diamond is made by adding a yellow or green element to an otherwise colourless or white diamond. In other cases, a red or pink diamond may be made by adding an element such as platinum.
The most common way to add colour is by irradiating the diamond with high-energy particles, such as electrons or ions. This process changes some of the carbon atoms in the diamond into other elements, such as nitrogen and boron, which give the diamond its colour.

Most Expensive Coloured Diamond

Diamonds come in different colours, and they are priced differently as well. Coloured diamonds are more rare and expensive compared to white diamonds.

Red Coloured Diamond

Red diamond is the most expensive type of diamond in the world. However, it is not the only reason why they are so expensive. The colour of a diamond depends on how much nitrogen it contains. The rare red diamonds are formed under less pressure and heat, and thus they have a higher price tag.
Rare and difficult to find are the usual comments regarding the Red Diamonds. These diamonds can be worth millions of dollars each, and they often have a unique shape or size.
Red diamond has been the most sought-after and expensive diamond for many years. It is the rarest colour of all, with only 1 in every 10,000 diamonds being this colour. This is due to various factors such as temperature, pressure, and geological location.
These can also be considered rare gemstones as small as half a carat. Still, their rarity and intense crimson hue make them the most expensive per carat of all coloured diamonds, and, on average, it will cost over $1 million.
Another reason they get their beautiful red colour is during their mining formation. Light waves can pass through diamonds at different rates, and visible light demonstrates this on the "fire" it emits.

Blue Coloured Diamonds

Blue diamonds represent purity and royalty and have been one of the most popular gemstones for centuries. Blue diamonds are rare, making them much more expensive than white diamonds. They contain less nitrogen in the crystal lattice, so they're not as likely to be treated with a yellow tinge.
The blue diamond is expensive because it is rare. Only 2% of diamonds mined are blue, making it the unique diamond colour. Blue diamonds can be worth up to twice as much as any other colour.

Pink Coloured Diamonds

The pink diamond is very rare and beautiful. They come in various colours, with pink being the most common. The pink diamond is caused by exposure to radiation in the earth's atmosphere, and as a result, it is difficult to find them.
The process of mining and sorting the pink diamonds is very time-consuming. Additionally, most pink diamonds are small in size. This combination of factors makes for a high demand for rare gemstones.
In contrast to diamonds, they are made of pure carbon and are composed of different crystal structures. They reflect the colour of pink diamonds that are caught by our eyes.

Yellow Coloured Diamonds

The price of a yellow diamond is not always higher than that of other colours. The high cost is due to the rarity of the yellow diamond. It has been observed that only 1% of all diamonds are yellow, so it is difficult to find a big enough diamond for a ring.
The rarity of yellow diamonds is because very few natural colours of yellow diamonds exist. They only represent about 1% of all diamonds mined. This rarity demands these fancy yellow diamonds and their high cost.
To get the colour of a yellow diamond, it must be exposed to higher radiation levels compared to other types of diamonds. Enough exposure will create enough material in the diamond that creates the colour.


Which diamond colour is the best?

Diamond colours are an essential factor in the diamond buying process. Diamonds are graded on a scale of D-Z, with D being the best and Z being the worst. The grading is based on the presence of a colourless body and the absence of any visible defects.
The best colour for diamonds is D-F, which is entirely colourless. They have no tint or hue, and they reflect light to make them appear white or colourless.

Is a black diamond rare?

Black diamond is a rare gemstone that is very difficult to find. This diamond is often used in jewellery because of its rarity and beauty. They are not as common as diamonds, but they are much rarer than other gems such as sapphires and rubies.


The rarity of a diamond is determined by the size, quality and number of diamonds available in the market.
Diamonds are graded on a scale from D to Z. The scale is based on four characteristics: (1) cut, (2) colour, (3) clarity and (4) carat weight. The rarest diamonds are graded as D or F on these scales. These diamonds are scarce and expensive because they are not as common as other gems.
The rarity of red diamonds is one of the reasons for their high price. Red diamonds are considerably rarer than the other colours, and they are more expensive. If you're considering buying a red diamond, please do your research beforehand!