All green precious stones are emeralds, right? At least that's what many people think. In fact, however, they are quite wrong if they do.

Emeralds are very beautiful, versatile and often very valuable gemstones. And they make wonderful jewellery. However, as jewellers and gem connoisseurs know there is a type of green gemstone that is far more precious than any emerald; green diamonds. And while emerald rings are beautiful, a green diamond ring is often even more so.

Green diamonds are far from common. In fact, they run close in rarity to blue diamonds, the type of colored diamond that is considered to be the rarest of all. This means that any green diamond - and any green diamond ring - is something very special indeed.

Why are Green Diamonds Green?

Just why are green diamonds well, green? It's actually something that is still something of a mystery. There is actually no one theory that is accepted as definitive by jewellers, scientists and mining experts, but there are theories that are considered 'the most popular'. The interesting thing is that this is true for almost all naturally colored diamonds.

When it comes to the green diamonds used to create green diamond rings and other jewellery it's believed that the fact that the rocks nearby contain a certain level of natural - and perfectly harmless - radiation of a rather unique type they trap electrons in forming diamonds that then cause the developing stone to take on that much sought after green color.

This theory is given extra merit because green diamonds are found in so very few locations, mainly in South America, backing up the assertion that it takes a very specific type of natural radiation to form a green diamond.

The Challenge of Cutting Green Diamonds

Although their color might look rather bright to the naked eye, most green diamonds unique hues are really only 'skin-deep'. This means that it's very hard to cut the stones into the beautifully faceted gems people expect, so it takes a great deal of skill to do so.

Why Do Green Diamonds Vary In Color?

While the generic term 'green diamond' is applied to most stones with a greenish hue the chances of finding any two stones that, when cut, have the exact same hues as each other. Almost all green diamonds have a secondary color, and that color can vary from the palest of yellows to a deep brown. These are not technically flaws in any way, just another reason why these diamonds are so special.

Do Green Diamond Rings Have a Meaning?

It's very common for people to want to assign meanings to various things associated with beauty and romance, and that is certainly true of green diamonds and green diamond rings.

Many of the 'meanings' given to a green diamond ring correspond with what color psychologists say we naturally associate with the color in general. It's certainly a very restful color, so is often associated with peace and stability, making a green diamond ring an excellent choice for a special anniversary ring, to help signify that the union it represents is stable and peaceful as well.

There are those who do choose a green diamond ring as an engagement ring. This may be simply because the bride-to-be prefers something that is very different from the 'standard' clear diamond engagement ring, but it may also be because the green diamond is also often associated with protection and emotional growth, both excellent omens for a great marriage.

As an engagement or anniversary ring, a green diamond ring can be considered very special indeed. Not just for all the reasons we have just stated, but also simply because they are truly beautiful and unique.