Looking for that perfect gift for your mother, sister, or significant other? Or maybe you want to get a gift for yourself. Colored diamond jewelry is an excellent gift and whoever you are purchasing the diamonds for is going to be thrilled. The exquisite jewelry will have people turning heads!

Diamonds are a work of art! Their distinct colors come about in various ways through nature. Each colored diamond is unique in its own way and can have symbolic meaning to it, so keep that in mind when purchasing such an amazing gift.

In this article, I’ll share with you the top five-colored diamond jewelry options that your “special someone” is going to love. I’ll share with you what each color symbolizes and the rarity of each one. Giving a colored diamond as a gift to someone you love will really show them how important they are and how much they are loved.

Colored diamonds

Colored diamonds

Let’s get started!

#1: Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are often referred to as canary diamonds. They are the most popular of all the colored diamonds out there because they are more available and have various price points. It is one of the most amazing creations that nature has to offer. Their warm color instills joy and good feelings. Yellow is also associated with playfulness and optimism and also represents knowledge and wisdom. Give this to your fiancé or give it to your wife on your anniversary. It will symbolize the beginning or continuation of a life living happy and in love.

Here you can purchase a beautiful yellow stone that you can showcase on its own or you can have it set beautifully in jewelry designed specially for it. Either way you choose will have it being admired by everyone.

#2: Blue Diamonds Are Very Rare

A blue diamond is incredibly rare and hard to find. Because they are so rare, they cost more than colorless diamonds. Naturally blue diamonds acquire their color through interacting with the chemical, boron during their process of formation in nature. This doesn’t happen very often, so blue diamonds become rare. Collectors and people trying to make an investment off of them, are always trying to get their hands on one.

A blue diamond represents so many good things and feelings. Peace, truth, and devotion are a few of them. Purchasing a blue colored diamond for your special someone will show true devotion, making this a wonderful gift for an engagement ring or an anniversary.

#3: Green Diamonds

Green diamonds symbolize nature and harmony so they are the perfect choice for someone who loves nature. They also symbolize abundance, long life and strength. Give her this rare diamond to show everyone that your relationship is unique and long-lasting just like this beautiful diamond. It’s definitely going to have everyone turning their heads when she walks in the room and will keep them talking.

#4: The Unique Pink and Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are considered to be the most rare and the most expensive of all the diamonds. It is so rare that there are only around twenty to thirty of them in the world. If you can get a hold of one of them, don’t let go! Pink diamonds are not far behind and are almost as rare and valuable.

These extraordinary diamonds represent passion, love, romance and commitment. They also symbolize strength and confidence, making this an excellent gift for your loved one on your special day. Show her the love you have for her and your relationship. Purchase this colored diamond and it’ll definitely tell her that you are confident in your commitment to her.

#5: Purple Diamonds

Purple diamonds are also pretty rare, coming in pretty close after red and pink. It can come in different variations, depending how long it was exposed to hydrogen during its natural formation. The higher the concentration of hydrogen that it was exposed to, the deeper the purple will be.

Purple diamonds are exceptional and beautiful. The color symbolizes spirituality, pride, wealth and nobility.

Some jewelers use other names for purple diamonds but you can use whatever term you would like to when referring to these beauties. Names such as grape diamonds, orchid diamonds and plum diamonds are sometimes used for the darker hues. The lighter purple diamonds are sometimes called lilac or mauve diamonds.

Green diamond earrings

Green diamond earrings


In conclusion, colored diamond jewelry is a very thoughtful and beautiful gift. Choose your color based on personality or personal preferences. Just be sure to choose carefully. Find out what the person’s favorite color is before you choose such an extravagant gift. Consider your budget as well when looking into purchasing colored diamonds. Whether it’s for yourself or for your loved one, you really can’t go wrong and no one will be going home unhappy with a diamond so beautiful.