You've recently become engaged, and now it's time to flaunt your new bling! Unfortunately, no one has yet coined a suitable term for the ring-selfie. Because the term "ringie" has yet to catch on, we'll refer to it as a "ring-selfie" for the purposes of this debate.

Many people take pictures with their engagement rings to spread the exciting news with their extended family and friends all at once, instead of one by one. The engagement ring selfie is essentially a modern-day engagement announcement that doesn't require a postage stamp.

Taking the perfect engagement ring selfie comes with its own set of difficulties. Here are some tips for getting yours just right.

1. Make Good Use of Natural Light

If you want your ring to dazzle, the most critical factor is lighting. The key to making jewelry and gemstones glitter is to use both soft and bright lighting to bring out the reflections in the stone.

The facets (cuts) on a gem/diamond are all facing various directions. Any facets pointing away from light will not sparkle as brightly if there is only one light. The goal is to have a lot of lighting reflecting off the diamond from all sides.

This lighting method explains why jewelers' rings are so sparkling on display—they have a slew of little spotlights in their ring cases to highlight every detail! To make your ring gleam, you don't need to be a jeweler. To show off your new diamond engagement ring, use a combination of your phone's light and natural light from around you if you're outside, or various windows if you're indoors.

2. Turn Off Your Camera Flash

You won't need a flash because you'll be shooting with natural light. In fact, if you use the flash when shooting a close-up photo, the ring you're attempting to show off will most likely be washed out in all that artificial light.

3. Watch Out for Shadows

Keep an eye out for a rogue tree branch, structure, or even person that could detract from your ring's beauty. Shadows work best when they're in the background. Keep them away from your hand and the background dark, and you'll have a terrific photo op!

4. Don't Zoom

The zoom on your mobile is nowhere near as advanced as the zoom on a real camera. Instead, for a sharper photo, move your phone nearer to your hand (but watch out for shadows).

5. Watch the Background

You don't want your background to detract from the photograph, or your ring, but a little imagination can make a big difference. The ring should be the focal point, but consider having your partner standing in the background or capturing the breathtaking scenery of your proposal.

6. Focus, Focus, Focus

To make the ring appear larger, take off all other jewelry so that the ring is the center of attention. Experiment with angles, but keep in mind that the closer an object is to the camera, the larger it seems in photographs.

Instead of a flat hand, relax your fingers and even flex them slightly to add dimension to the shot. This also helps to bring the ring closer to the camera, fooling the eye into thinking it's bigger. And do make sure that your nails are clean and neat and that you don't go overboard with a flashy manicure that will detract from your ring.

To get the perfect shot, use your phone's camera's auto exposure and focus lock features. Most cameras default to focusing on faces, so if you want to draw attention to your ring, simply touch the area where you want the camera to focus and press down for a second or two to lock in the focus and exposure. This method will blur your fiancé's face and showcase off the new rock on your finger if you have them in the background.

Selfie with stunning diamond rings

Selfie with stunning diamond rings

7. Add Some Thank You Tags

If your ring was purchased from a specific jeweler, make sure to include it in your post. The same is true for the restaurant or hotel where you got engaged, especially if they assisted in the planning. All businesses love satisfied customers, and you probably know friends who are intending to get married now or in the future.

The best reviews come from word of mouth and/or social media referrals and so you'll be helping them out while also saving yourself from answering the same questions over and over again!