When picking any piece of fine jewelry we always consider the common 4C’s.

Whether a transparent diamond, a fancy colored diamond or even a colored Fancy Light Yellow Diamond stone, its shape and cut are integral to creating a personal connection between the wearer and the piece.

This article will speak about one of the oldest shapes, the Emerald cut, and how this simple yet flattering cut has grown through the years.

The Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds have been around for years and rightly said it’s not a style only for today but one that lasts forever. Originating with the Point Cut that emphasized the natural point of a diamond crystal the cut graduated to the Table Cut. With one octahedron point removed, leaving behind a large table the apex point below allowed light to be internally reflected leaving a dazzling sparkle. Taking advantage of the crystal’s natural shape, the pavilion is still key and a part of gemstone cutting today.

Emerald cut diamonds
With three essential cutting styles, the rose cut, the step cut and the brilliant cut, the step cut is one that is used most often with the emerald shape. Modern day emerald cut diamonds are characterized by a large table that is bordered by trapeze shaped facets that lie parallel to the girdle of the gem. On the pavilion, a similar structure terminates at the culet with an angle. Beveled corners that add durability also give the gem an architectural feel, straight out the Great Gatsby movie, both beautiful and enchanting.

the emerald cut and the baguette

A shape that rose to popularity during the Art Deco period, the Emerald cut along with the Baguette (a cut with long rectangular facets)were both perfect to be slotted into position. Geometric designs from the1920’s often used channel settings and these two proved efficient. A period that was defined by bold, sharp geometric motifs, emerald cut diamonds never went out of style since then. They even flourished long after in minimalistic jewelry and when glitzy glamour took over thanks to Hollywood.

Dependent entirely on the piece of rough, the cutter aims of give every emerald a pleasing set of proportions. From its length to width ratio or perfectly parallel sides, a diamond’s cut plays an integral role in determining the beauty of the gem.

Establishing a good Emerald cut diamond should include:

Factor Description
Culet Should be centered with only a fine line where the facets terminate, visible through the table.
Girdle Should not be too thin or too thick to reflect through the table. Sharp girdle edges might chip.
Length: Width 1.50:1 – 1.75:1
Beveled Corners Should not be too wide and very uneven.
Symmetry Sides should be parallel and if a line was to be drawn on the gemstone it should cut into equal halves.

The Quality and Color

What makes a diamond’s value is a combination of factors and color is key. The intensity of color when it comes to emerald cut fancy colored diamonds and likewise the lack of color when it comes to emerald cut diamonds are both essential. Establishing the color in these fancy shapes should be done in both directions, length and width, as color tends to be more concentrated in its length.

emerald cut fancy colored diamond engagement ring

The simplicity of this emerald cut is bold, geometric and symmetrical thus emphasizing the gem’s natural transparency. At 0.91 carats, this gemstone that is associated with elegance will easily stand out from all the others.

Within the colorless spectrum, colors beyond ‘J’ tend to have a visible yellow tint and can sometimes work well when you pair it with golden toned metals like yellow gold and rose gold. With crispier, whiter tones, the emerald cut comes alive in white toned metals as it reflects off the gemstone beautifully thanks to its trapeze shaped facets.

yellow gold and rose gold ring

Even with emerald cut fancy colored diamonds it is important to accommodate intense color. Vivid pinks and even intense blues are cut as emeralds to add to their sensual drama. One key pick from our collection is this Faint Pinkish Brown emerald cut diamond. Resembling a rose that boasts it’s beauty, this gem flaunts exceptional clarity thanks to its clean cutting style. Simplistic yet full of rich color, the 1.71 carat diamond has nice, even proportions that give the romantic gem life in this setting. A unique choice to signify the past present and the future, this three stone ring, will make a confident statement.

In an emerald cut diamond, the table works as window into the stone. These classy, elite gems can sometimes look muddled when inclusions rest under the table. Easier to spot in an emerald cut, clarity characteristics are often camouflaged by the cutter to improve the overall look of the gem. A common feature is naturals hidden on the girdle.

Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Ring
Set in yellow gold prongs and flanked by white trapeze shaped diamonds, this VVS1, Fancy Light Yellow Diamond ring is magnificently refined. Princely in size and splendor the 7.11 carat sparkler will have everyone staring.