On May 7th, Asteria Diamonds, The Guangdong International Chamber of Commerce and The Chinese Businessmen's Tea House co-hosted a jewelry exhibition at the Chinese Businessmen's Tea House.

The exhibition featured rare colored diamonds in shades of yellow, red, blue, green and black as well as some of our most impressive luxury pieces.

The Businessmen's Tea House provided a comfortable atmosphere which allowed professionals and amateurs alike to enjoy the sparkling exhibition. In addition to the jewels on display, Asteria Diamonds experts spoke about topics relevant to today's diamond enthusiast, such as colored diamond investment (learn more) and artist designed custom jewelry. The event also provided important trade and networking opportunities for the attendees.

Important figures such as the Guangdong International Chamber of Commerce President, Executive VP,  and VP and other figures of the diamond industry were in attendance.

A good time (and good opportunities) were had by all!

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