The value of the black diamond has risen in high demand in the jewellery industry.They are beautiful, unique, and colourless diamonds that are truly breathtaking to see.
However, here is a million-dollar question: how can you tell if a black diamond is real or fake? Before you decide to purchase a black diamond for you jewellery, you should learn:

  1. How to identify black diamonds
  2. What makes a black diamond real or fake?

Is there a reason for why someone would sell you a fake diamond? It's not uncommon for sellers to claim that a black diamond is what it is, but it may be a black gemstone, moissanite or another lower-quality diamond. Before investing in a black diamond, make sure you read this article.

Natural Black Diamonds: What You Need to Know

Black diamonds are rare and can be only found in the Central African Republic and Brazil regions which produce raw diamonds. There are three types of black diamonds:

  1. A natural black diamond or carbonado diamond - Possesses more graphite clusters than a white diamond which gives it a natural black colour.
  2. White diamonds - Cheaper than industry-grade and it can be transformed into treated black diamonds by heating and irradiating them.
  3. Lab-grown diamonds: these are diamonds that are synthesised and obtained in laboratories. These lab-made diamonds are still being debated as to whether or not they qualify as diamonds.

The crystalline atomic structure of a diamond, primarily its amorphous carbon, makes it a diamond, whether treated black diamond or natural black diamond.

A Guide To Identifying Black Diamonds

An inclusion or small imperfection in the structure of a black diamond is the first thing you'll notice when you look at it. Jewellery experts typically recommend a magnifying glass for identifying black diamonds.
Black diamonds are usually scratched and nicked, no matter how shiny and sparkly they appear from a distance. In other words, no matter how high the quality of a black diamond is, it will never have a perfectly smooth surface. There is no such thing as a 'nearly perfect' black diamond.

The Natural Colour Of Diamonds

Black diamonds have a wide range of body colours, ranging from nearly colourless brown to dark brown to dark green to black. Furthermore, black diamonds are entirely opaque and have a high lustre, giving them an almost metallic appearance.
Due to their heavy inclusions, black diamonds are usually tricky to cut and polish therefore it is done with great care by jewellers when they do it.
Black diamonds must have a uniform colour throughout. You can tell if a black diamond is fake or not if you see dark shades of brown and a combination of black.

A Black Diamond's Worth

How much are black diamonds worth? It's important to know that black diamonds, although rare, are less expensive than colourless diamonds. How come? There is little in stock but there are also fewer buyers.
What's the reason? Colourless diamonds are familiar to us. For black diamonds weighing between 1.00 and 3.00 carats, the price ranges from $1,500-$3,000 per carat.
A colourless diamond weighing 1.00 and 3.00 carats may cost between $2,500 and $153,000 per carat. The price difference is enormous, isn't it?

Pieces Of Jewellery Made With Black Diamonds

You can find black diamond pieces in different jewellery pieces like earrings, necklaces, or even engagement rings. Hip-hop personalities often wear black diamond necklaces. Stud black diamond earrings are popular with both men and women.

Identifying Natural Black Diamonds

How can you tell the difference between a real and fake black diamond? What is the best way to tell if black diamonds are natural? This is similar to examining a colourless diamond to determine if it is a natural diamond.
To check whether a black diamond is natural or not, you can perform the following tests at home:

Waterdrop Test

Using a water drop test, you can determine whether a black diamond is natural or not. Pour a glass of water almost full of water over the raw diamond, and drop it in. It must sink to the bottom to determine whether a diamond is real. Diamonds that float are fakes.

Dot Test

There is a refractive power in natural diamonds. As a ray of light enters a substance, its refracting power changes its direction. The light bounces off natural diamonds multiple times and never travels in a straight line when beamed in them. To perform the Dot test draw a dot on a blank piece of paper. Once the flat side of the black diamond has been placed on the dot, it should be flush with the surface. You can tell if a colored diamond is fake by looking at the pointed end.

Fog Test

The Fog Test is another way of determining if black or coloured diamond is genuine. You should breathe directly onto the diamond while performing the fog test. A diamond will fog when it is moist and hot from your breath since diamonds are excellent heat conductors.
The diamond is real if the fog disappears instantly. Fake diamonds, on the other hand, take much longer to disappear from the fog.

The Heat test

As a result of their extreme toughness and ability to withstand extreme heat, diamonds are incredibly durable. In addition to the heat test, one can determine whether a black diamond is real by looking at its colour. Drop the black diamond into a glass of water immediately after heating it with a lighter for a few seconds.
Fake diamonds shatter and real diamonds retain their shape. Heat and sudden expansion of matter cause fake diamonds to break when water drops.

The Sparkle Test

Black diamonds reflect well under white light, so you can tell if they are real or not. A black diamond should be held under a light source, similar to a Dot Test. Diamonds are real if they reflect coloured beams when light bounces off them. Fakes usually have pale reflections when they are introduced to light sources.

Here's What You Need To Do After You Take The Tests Above

To truly determine whether a black diamond is real, check its cut after you have conducted the above tests. The process of cutting black diamonds is usually tricky. You should check whether black diamonds have smooth edges and if they are cut precisely. If the edges are smooth or the cut is precise, it's not authentic.


There is no doubt that black gemstones are real diamonds, but you must make sure they are certified. A gemologist or GIA can assist you with that. If you buy diamonds online or from your regular supplier, you need to make sure if they are trusted sites or not. Know the supplier you purchase from in detail before making a purchase..


Are black diamonds tested by diamond testers?

Black gemstones are not tested by diamond testers. Diamond testers can detect only white diamonds. If you use a diamond tester on a black diamond, the result may not be accurate since black diamonds are opaque.

Black Diamonds Under Blacklight: What Do They Look Like?

A black diamond glows blue in the presence of blacklight (ultraviolet). In addition to these colours, you can sometimes see green, yellow, red, and white. Under blacklight, however, it will usually glow blue.

Flashlight Test for Diamonds: How Do You Know if They Are Real Diamond?

With a flashlight, you can determine whether a diamond is real by observing how it reflects. There is a sparkle in a black diamond when light scatters throughout it.

What is the magnetic property of black diamonds?

Diamonds with mineral inclusions often show electrical conductivity (unevenly) and magnetism. The conductivity of graphite is a result of its electrical conductivity, while its magnetism determines the magnetism of magnetite and hematite.

Black Diamond: Is It Worth Buying?

In summary, the question is: do black diamonds deserve to be purchased? You can answer this question based on your preferences. Despite being rarer, black diamonds cost less than white diamonds. However, black diamonds are worth buying if you want to stand out.