All other coloured diamonds have the lowest market demand for yellow diamonds. Celebrities flaunting Yellow Diamond jewellery are among the most significant factors in changing trends.
We will discuss how rare yellow diamonds are in this article and what you should know about them.

The Yellow Diamonds

Most people are unaware that precious stones, such as diamonds, can be found in various colours and are not always colourless. Diamonds of all colours are available, including white, brown and yellow. Intriguingly, the colours found at the bottom of the colourless scale may contain yellow traces, making them the "bottom" diamonds in the yellow category, as opposed to the more vital yellow diamonds.  The yellow diamond colour grading scale begins with Y-Z, while the colourless grading scale goes from D-Z. As it advances, it reaches the Fancy Yellow level.

Yellow Diamonds: How Are They Made?

They are formed over millions of years like any other natural diamond. The nitrogen added to the compound element in the stone causes the yellow colour. A great deal of pressure and extremely high temperatures were required to form diamonds deep underground. The diamond polishers transform the rough stone into dazzling jewellery store beauty after they assess, cut, and polish it.

Yellow Diamonds - What Are They Called?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) developed an internationally recognised naming pattern for the colour diamond. In addition to the carat size, the stone's intensity is described, followed by any secondary hues (also called overtones), and finally, its dominant colour is noted. For instance, a 1.13-carat Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow Diamond has a yellow hue as the predominant colour (meaning the stone is predominantly yellow) and a hue of orange. A fancy yellow diamond weighing 1.13 carats with a Fancy Vivid grade (the highest intensity grade for natural fancy colour diamond) has a volume of 1.13 carats. 
As yellow diamonds have evolved, they have acquired several nicknames. Many refer to the yellow diamonds as the Canary diamond, as in Canary Yellow Diamonds, and others call them Zimmies.
Diamonds of Canary yellow diamond is a yellow stone with a beautiful, intense yellow hue (fancy yellow diamond, fancy intense yellow diamond, or fancy vivid yellow diamond).
While Zimmy is also used fairly often when referring to vivid yellow diamonds with a deeper hue, it refers to diamonds originating from the Zimmy mine in Sierra Leone, the world's largest producer of vivid yellow diamonds. Zimmy stones have a colour that makes other yellows seem weak.

Yellow Diamonds: Where Do They Come From?

A volcanic eruption eventually brings natural diamonds to an accessible depth after forming deep below the earth's surface. The compound elements responsible for the colour can occur anywhere, but it is more prevalent in areas where specific elements are present in more significant amounts. Ellendale mine in Western Australia, for example, was known for its mass production of yellow diamonds due to the abundance of yellow diamonds there. South Africa, Russia, India, and Canada are among the countries where these stones are mined, but that mine specifically has had some trouble.
The chances of finding a yellow diamond among all other colours are less than a thousandth of those for a white diamond. There are only 0.000 1% fancy colours in mined diamonds. There are many colours of diamonds in this bunch, but yellow is the most common. Yellows have been found in different mines worldwide but are most commonly found in Australia, Central Africa, Angola, Borneo, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Sierra Leone.

Spectacular yellow diamond ring

Spectacular yellow diamond ring

A Yellow Diamond's Rarity

It is important if you know what the quality factors of a fancy colour diamond are! The yellow diamond is still far rarer than the colourless diamond, even though they aren't the rarest of all fancy coloured diamonds, such as red, pink, and blue. Rare yellow diamonds, especially those with high colour intensity, are more difficult to find, as with other high-end items. Although these devices are rare, they are not nearly as costly as many people think, and they may even be remarkably affordable in some cases! 

Intensity Of Colour

It's not about how little a diamond contains but how much colour it contains. Colour is one of the 4Cs of diamonds, along with Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight. Due to colourless diamonds containing yellow colour (yellow diamonds begin on the colourless scale), the colour grading scale for coloured diamonds begins there. A coloured diamond, including a yellow diamond, is graded according to word phrases describing the colour and any secondary hues it may contain. A complete range of intensities is available - including Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense Yellow, Fancy Vivid Yellow, and Fancy Dark Yellow.
A yellow diamond with little colour intensity is the same as a colourless diamond containing yellow elements and is thus less desirable than a colourless diamond (diamonds Y-Z). Fancy Intense Yellow and Fancy Vivid Yellow are the rarest and most sought-after yellow diamonds.

Weight And Size Of Carats

The size of the diamond is another important factor that will determine how rare a yellow diamond is. Prices of diamonds increase dramatically each time they pass another actual weight when weighed in carats. It is reasonable to assume that a 2-carat diamond will cost significantly more than a 1.9-carat diamond, assuming the other attributes are the same. Although diamond size is not solely based on weight, it can also be influenced by how deep or shallow the diamond is cut. Shallow stones are broader and flatter than deeper stones. 
Showing off the shine is the key to colourless diamonds. Brilliant Cuts work best with round and roundish shapes, although they can also work on other shapes. By allowing light to exit the diamond quickly, the depth of such diamonds contributes significantly to the diamond's brilliance. The colour of a diamond is not determined by how much light is allowed to leave it but by how long it absorbs and keeps it. In particular, fancy-coloured diamonds tend to be cut into fancy shapes and have a disproportional arrangement of facets. Even though a quality yellow diamond must have a certain amount of depth, if one is looking for a larger and not just heavier diamond, one should consider the diamond’s overall size and not just its carat weight. Yellow diamonds with high colour intensity are more valuable since they are larger and rarer.

Shape And Cut

For coloured diamonds, the modified cut is the most common, combining the Brilliant Cut and the Step Cut. A Radiant or Cushion cut goes well with coloured diamonds, the most popular shapes. Colour intensity is not always well seen with other shapes, as they are less common, more expensive, and less common. However, specific shapes are preferred by some individuals, such as round, which is very common with colourless diamonds and less familiar with coloured diamonds due to their inability to enhance colour. Therefore, shapes like these are generally more expensive when found in intense colour.

Spectacular yellow diamond ring

Spectacular yellow diamond ring

Yellow Diamonds Or White Diamonds: What’s More Expensive?

Due to their rarity, coloured diamonds tend to be more expensive than colourless diamonds. Yellow diamonds can, however, be quite affordable. Yellow diamonds make up the "bottom" colourless diamonds, so a diamond of the same quality with a fancy light yellow colour will be less expensive than one with a darker yellow colour. Colourless diamonds are less expensive than Fancy Light Yellow, Intense Yellow, or Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds.


Jewellery pieces set with yellow diamonds look amazing. As with any precious stone, this precious stone must be carefully chosen to reap its benefits. It will be easier to make an informed purchase after researching the stone, asking the right questions, and listening to the answers.
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How famous are yellow diamonds?

Yellow diamonds, also known as canary diamonds, are the world's most popular coloured diamonds. In their composition, nitrogen contributes to the yellow colour.

Do yellow diamonds have a fad appeal?

Not only in the jewellery industry but worldwide, yellow diamonds are having a big moment. A yellow diamond is not uncommon to appear on the pages of fashion magazines, on the red carpet or as the centre stone on a stunning yellow diamond engagement ring.

Are yellow diamonds susceptible to fading?

Diamonds, however, will never lose their colour. To avoid fading, choose yellow diamonds or buy sapphires that are not artificially coloured or exposed to radiation. The way these two stones are graded is another difference.

What makes yellow diamonds so popular?

It is primarily because yellow diamonds are so rare that they are sought after. Every year, one out of 16500 carats of diamonds sold is yellow. However, rare diamonds are still available if you are looking for fancy colour diamonds. Other factors within its classification also influence a yellow diamond's value.

Do yellow diamonds have a high demand?

There is currently a high demand for yellow diamonds among all other coloured diamonds in the market. Fashion trends of this decade have become increasingly adaptable.