Wow- it's finally July! The wedding season is on, summer fashion wildly takes its throne and Fancy Color Diamonds rule the Summer Jewelry Trends! Dull and simple colors are out, vibrant and nature-inspired jewelries are in! 


Wedding rings

About 2.3 million couples get married in the US every year! 10.8 percent tie the knot in June, 9.7 % pick July while 10.2% decide to walk down the aisle on August. 

This is a great opportunity for fancy color diamond lovers to choose the perfect wedding ring to celebrate an event of a lifetime! Why not? Fancy color diamonds can blend with any wedding motif and style. 

Here are some examples of Asteria best Fancy Color Diamond Ring summer collections!


Summer time is not only for lovers! It’s also a time to enjoy nature, fit into a tropical outfit and enjoy carefree colors of excitement, youth and passion! Bracelets with fruity colors highlight these tones and create the summer look that almost everyone craves for!


Flowers for your neck? That’s so summer! These fancy color diamond necklaces surely took summer seriously with fresh floral designs.


Beautiful summer earrings can be the most flattering pieces of jewelry when set with fancy colored diamonds inspired by the zest of summer. Just like clothing and cosmetics, the right earring shapes and colors enhance summer look. Here are a two fancy colored diamonds summer earrings suggestions: 

Summer buying tips to get top-quality fancy colored diamonds at a reasonable price

It’s not easy to buy the best fancy colored diamonds, especially if you’re on a budget. So, here are simple tips that can help you get your money’s worth:

Buy according to your budget: Fancy colored diamonds are rare, expensive and attractive. So, it is unsurprisingly expensive. But if you are planning to buy affordable fancy colored diamond, then pick the best one within your price range. Remember that more than the price tag; it is the thought that truly counts.

If you are an investor and you want to buy fancy colored diamond/s, you should choose one based on its quality and possible value in the future. 

Look into the weight and color of the diamond. Remember that its price is largely determined by the aforementioned factors. If you want a lower priced diamond, buy ones with lower intensity grade. Diamonds are diamonds, and they are still very attractive, especially if the design is exquisite. 

Ask about its inclusions. If you have enough money to spare, buy diamonds with flawless clarity or close to that. But, if you are on a budget, look for fancy colored diamonds with lower clarity grade. If you want a stunning stone with a lower clarity grade, make sure that it is well cut.

Fancy colored diamonds rule the summer red carpet and runway!

Fancy colored diamonds rule Hollywood once again! The 2014 Met Ball flaunted the most astonishing diamonds owned by the hottest celebrities at the red carpet. It is a fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute held in New York.

Here are the celebrities and their fancy colored diamonds in the most glamorous event in the Big Apple.

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Katie Holmes is wearing $2 million worth of yellow diamonds by Harry Winston.

Emmy Rossum Wearing an Oiseaux Flamboyant" earrings from Van Cleef & Arpels the Birds of Paradise collection, the actress stood out with her diamonds, pink sapphires and red spinels.

Emmy also flaunted her between the finger ring with yellow and white diamonds from Van Cleef and Arpels

Karolina Kurkova amazed everyone with Harry Winston’s 55-carat Guipure diamond necklace and the fabulous Queen Diamond ring. 

Dita Von Teese wearing between the fingers 'Oiseaux de Paradis' diamond ring and the diamond earrings called, “Three leaves”. Very attractive and depicts the freshness of summer.

Kirsten Dunst wearing Van Cleef & Arpels earrings (Serenitatis) from the collection, 'Voyages Extraordinaires' stood out because of glamorous diamonds and sapphires. 

Most important piece of advice!

Take it from the experts! Read manuals on fancy colored diamonds and try to understand why it is an exciting and financially rewarding investment. Remember that diamond investment is not just a purchase of a piece of jewelry. It is an investment style, which is called, “leverage”. You make your money work for you by buying something which will appreciate its value in the coming years.