This stunning series of events for the month of June will be sure to capture your attention and guide you in your next diamond investment decisions.

South Africa finally gave up her 122.52-carat blue diamond! 

The South African soil has kept 122.52-carat blue diamond in secret for centuries, but Petra Diamonds Ltd has finally unearthed the newest piece of big blue rough diamond weighing 122.5-carat.The company announced the recovery of another big blue rough diamond. It was found at the Cullinan mine which is considered one of the top sources of blue diamonds in the world.  In fact, the Cullinan diamond weighing 3,106-carat is considered as the largest rough gem diamond ever recorded. Though Petra stated that they are still analyzing the potential value of the blue diamond and its best possible market, it is expected that the stone would be as valuable as the Cullinan mine’s best discoveries, like the following:

  • 39.9-carat blue rough diamond- It was sold at a hefty price tag of $220,551 per carat in 2008. 
  • 7-carat fancy vivid blue diamond(also known as, “The Star of Josephine”) sold for $1.35 million per carat in 2009
  • 25.5-carat blue diamond sold for $663,144 per carat, in 2013 
  • 29.6-carat rough blue diamond that sold for $862,780 per carat in February 2014

Chow Tai Fook acquires Hearts on Fire for $150 Million 

"Chow Tai Fook", a jewelry retailer company with higher revenue than "De beers", just bought the “Hearts On Fire” brand for 150 million dollars! The purchase is on its way after the CTF has made an announcement last June 18, 2014. "Hearts on Fire", a popular US diamond brand will be a separate division of CTF and shall be managed by the HOF founder himself- Glenn Rothman together with his old senior management team.The acquisition is part of CTF’s high end product range extension plans and a balancing strategy to raise CTF’s profile as a first-class diamond expert with top quality product portfolio. With CTF’s decisive marketing and expansion plans, HOF is expected to be a household name not only in the existing markets, but also in Asian Markets like China, Macau and Hong Kong. "Chow Tai Fook" shall also maximize HOF’s retail distribution channel as it enters new markets by using its financial resources, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capacity. 

The largest 30-carats yellow diamond sold for a cheap price of $500,000 in Toronto

The rock- a two million dollar worth yellow diamond weighing 30-carats was sold for a bargain price of $500,000 in Ritchies Toronto Auction last Sunday. Prior to the auction day, critics expected the stone to sell for as much as 2 million dollar and more. The rectangular, 30-carat cool yellow diamond with radiant cut was considered as the largest colour diamond ever auctioned in Canada, and was expected to be a record-breaking sale. But, the large diamond which was locked in a safe for two decades fell short of expectations and was acquired for a lower bid possibly because it was an uncertified stone. Buyers prefer diamonds with a grading report from the GIA. Otherwise, only a diamond dealer can evaluate its value, and not the general public.

Surprising factors that make an online shopper buy a product

A recent Reston and UPS survey of US online shoppers reveals what online consumers really look at when they shop online. Surprisingly, there are three factors that drive their purchasing decisions:

  • Cross-channel shopping: 40 percent of online shoppers pick stores with products displayed online. It’s either the consumer buys them at the store after checking them online, or vice versa.
  • Free shipping: 58 percent of online shoppers take advantage of free-shipping, even if it means that they have to add items to their shopping cart just to meet the required amount of purchase. The free-shipping feature also stirs patience, as 83% of survey-takers don’t mind waiting longer as long as the product will be shipped for free.
  • Responsive websites: 41 percent of online shoppers want to shop using their computer instead of mobile phones. They prefer full website with clear images and responsive customer service.

Most consumers purchase items with return policy and free return-shipping. Social media also affect the online shoppers’ decision. They post their opinions about certain products online on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.