Gold has a characteristic metallic yellow appearance when mined and extracted naturally. An engagement ring fashioned of pure gold, on the other hand, will never be found. This is due to the fact that pure gold is far too delicate and sensitive to be used in production.

As a result, gold must be mixed and blended with other metals in order to strengthen and make it more durable. You'd never be able to wear your engagement ring every day otherwise. Although 24k gold rings are available, the most popular gold varieties are 18k (75%) gold, 14k (58%) gold, and 10k (5% gold) (around 42 percent gold). Other metals that add to the overall strength and durability are represented by the remaining percentages.

But what about gold colour? Which of them is the 'best'? The durability of all of them is the same. As a result, it all boils down to personal preferences and the desired appearance. Some people choose yellow gold because of its classic, mellow glow, while others prefer white gold because of its brightness and adaptability, and yet others prefer rose gold because of its romantic appeal.

Which should you choose for your diamond engagement ring setting? Ultimately it will be up to you, but here we are going to offer more information to help you decide.

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow gold engagement rings are made by combining pure gold with silver and copper for a warm appearance. The red of copper and the greenish color of silver give yellow gold its warm patina.

One of the biggest advantages some feel, of yellow gold, is that it is always fashionable, and because of its color, it is immediately linked in the mind with pure gold. When bright white diamonds are set in yellow gold, the contrast is even stronger.

Yellow gold, despite its name, is usually not a bright yellow color, but rather a mellow warm yellow tone that compliments most skin tones and won't 'clash' with most fashion choices.

 White Gold Ring

White Gold Ring

White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Pure gold is blended with palladium and silver in white gold engagement rings. Pure gold can also be combined with nickel, copper, and/or zinc. The whiteness and durability of white gold will be further enhanced by rhodium plating.

White gold engagement rings are considered more contemporary than yellow gold engagement rings, despite the fact that they are perhaps not as timeless. The rhodium plating resists scratches and tarnishing, making them more durable, too.

Rhodium plating also lends white gold that shiny, mirror-like reflective aspect that looks and 'feel' more modern. The plating will wear out with time, so you'll have to have a jeweler re-plate it every few years or so.

Rose gold rings

Rose gold rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings, which were formerly considered outdated, are regaining popularity. As the name implies, they are a reddish gold color. These rings are fashioned of solid gold with copper accents. The metal and overall result will be redder when additional copper is added.

Rose gold engagement rings are a really unusual and romantic alternative for engagement rings, and many women are beginning to appreciate the warm, pink colour that comes with them.

The overall metal percentages are the same in rose gold as they are in yellow and white gold; the composition is merely different. To keep its hue, rose gold may require more frequent polishing and cleaning than other metal mixes.

Yellow Vs. White Vs Rose: Which Gold Should You Choose?

When it comes to deciding whether yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold is ideal for you, the decision is ultimately yours.

It's crucial to examine the hues and determine which shades of gold you prefer. Do you like something modern (white gold) or something classic, traditional, and timeless (yellow gold)? Do you want something that most others won't have and that's very feminine and romantic (rose gold) ? These are some questions you can ask yourself while deciding which metal is right for you.

The cash value of yellow, white, and rose gold diamond engagement rings with equal carat weights is usually the same. As a result, the distinction between them is solely a matter of taste and personal preference. And as a diamond engagement ring is something you will be wearing for the rest of your life, taking the time to make sure the choices you make are right for you - and no one else - is time very well spent.