Of all the jewelry women can choose to wear it is their earrings - along with with any life significant rings like engagement and wedding rings - that are usually the pieces they wear every day. And perhaps there is no style more versatile than the stud earring. They are inoffensive enough to wear to the office every day - there are still some workplaces that would frown on more ostentatious options - and yet elegant enough to transition to the evening, and if you shop right, funky enough for wearing to the hottest of hot clubs.

Some people do still think of stud earrings as a little safe and boring though. We're here to tell you why that is not the case, especially if you make a more unusual choice, such as green diamond stud earrings.

Stud Earrings as a Style Statement

Stud earrings are often small compared to other earring styles, but they don’t have to be basic or boring. Jewelry designers are breathing new life into studs, packing beauty and creativity into these small pieces. No longer are they simply single stones affixed onto a simple setting. For example, these Fancy Yellow Green diamond earrings are smaller and less obtrusive, but so stunning that they are likely to never be forgotten once seen.


The great advantage of green diamond stud earrings like the ones we have referenced above is that they really can be worn everywhere. The elegant color won't clash with almost any business attire and yet their brilliant sparkle will catch the light and dazzle beautifully under the lights at a favorite restaurant or nightclub. They are also a great choice as statement jewelry, something that every woman should have.

Stud Earrings in Multiples

Back in the 1980s, multiple ear piercings were things reserved for rock stars and others who would be considered avant garde in their fashion choices. That is no longer the case, as many women choose to have at least two lobe piercings per ear. This means that not only might they wear multiple stud earrings but can also choose to accent a simpler ring or dangling earrings with striking stud.

Choosing Fancy Colored Diamond Stud Earrings

Fancy colored diamond stud earrings are, to be fair, as much of an investment as they are a style statement. However, choose the right ones and they can also become the basis of your personal style. Green diamond studs are a popular choice as green is such a versatile color

But why choose green diamond studs when there are other green gemstones available? First and foremost, diamonds are among the most durable stones in the world of precious gems. In fact, green diamonds are ranked 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Emeralds rank lower on the list at 7.5 - 8 and are less durable. Other green gems are farther down the scale with tourmaline at 7 -7.5 and peridot at 6.5-7. This makes them perfect for daily wear in a setting like a stud earring.


Then there is the sparkle factor. There are emeralds that cost more - and are therefore more valuable - than many clear diamonds - and are beautiful in their own right. But the crystalline structure of a diamond, which is unique to it in the world of precious gems, produces a brilliance that other gemstones simply cannot match. The smallest green diamond stud will shine brighter than a larger emerald and no matter what shade it is - green diamonds come in a huge variety of color combinations - will serve as a pair of earrings that will stun - and stay in style - for decades to come.