What is an Argyle Diamond? - The History of the Argyle Diamond

Argyle diamonds are considered to be the most valuable and rarest kind of mined diamonds. They have been used in jewelry since the 18th century, and they are still a popular choice today.
The Argyle diamond is a type of natural pink diamond that is cut in an unusual way to create a pattern. This pattern was created by cutting the diamond twice with different angles on each side, giving it a unique look. The design was created by Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, who was known for her love for fashion and jewelry.
The history of Argyle Pink Diamond began in 1704 when Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, commissioned John Dunbar to create her a necklace from pink diamonds from India that were cut into an unusual shape.
The design was later given its name after the Argyle diamond, which was a large, colorless diamond that belonged to the Duchess and it was owned by several different people over its long history.
In 1891, John Dunbar gave it as a present to his grandson George Crombie-Bruce's daughter Ethel Bruce-Crombie and she passed it down to her daughter Mary Bruce-Crombie. In 2015, the Argyle Diamond was sold at Christie's auction house in London to an anonymous buyer for £187 million.

Different Colors of Argyle Diamond

Argyle diamonds with different colors are the latest trend in jewelry design. These types of colored diamonds are rare gemstones you'll see with different kinds such as white diamond, yellow-white, brown diamond, blue-white, and red. The most popular color is brown because it is the highest-selling color worldwide. The pastel color is very popular among consumers who have been looking for alternatives to traditional diamond rings.

Where Are Argyle Diamonds Mined?

The Argyle Diamond Mine is located in East Kimberley, Western Australia. It was discovered in 1869 by George and William Deason, the sons of an English baronet. The mine opened on April 22, 1870 and began operating as the De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited in 1903.
Today, Argyle employs over 1,600 people and produces an average of 193,000 carats (7.3 metric tons) of diamonds annually. The Argyle Diamond Mine is currently owned by the Australian company Lucara Diamond Corporation, a subsidiary of Mountain Province Diamonds. Diamond exploration began at Argyle in 1869 during the time that George and William Deason, sons of John Deason who was born in England in 1814, were running the mine. George and William had found the diamonds on a piece of quartz which was unusual for its hardness.
The first recorded diamond discovery at Argyle took place on January 12, 1869, when George Deason noticed a shiny spot while walking through the workings. He later found a small diamond embedded in the quartz.

History of Mining: Argyle Diamond in Australia

Diamonds have been mined in Australia for centuries. The Argyle Diamond is a gemstone that was discovered in Australia in the 1800s. In the year 1880, it was mined by miners who were looking for gold near the town of Argyle. The mine was closed down for several years, but in 1909, a new mine opened up with access to an old shaft.
The diamond became known as the 'Argyle Diamond' because, when it was found, the diamond was mounted on a gold ring and worn by a Scottish noblewoman. In 1909, the British Government took over mining in Argyle and formed The Argyle Diamond Company Limited.
The mine is now owned by Rio Tinto Group UK Limited which operates the site as a modern industrial operation. A diamond has been seen by many as an emblem of Scotland and the Scottish people, which has led to its popularity in Scottish culture. The Argyle Diamond is the first diamond ever used in a British Crown.

Alluvial Mining

Alluvial mining is a process of washing away the overburden and uncovering mineral deposits buried in the stream bed. This process is used to extract minerals such as gold, copper, tin, tungsten, and uranium. The use of alluvial mining has been revived in recent years due to increased demand for these minerals and the fact that it can be used on flat land.
The most common technique of alluvial mining is the simple hand pan. It consists of a sheet metal frame with a wire mesh that is suspended on ropes between two posts in the stream bed. The pan can be filled with water and used to separate particles of gold from the sand and gravel by hand, which are then collected. This process can be accelerated by placing a mercury amalgam in the pan.
The chief advantages of alluvial mining are that it is more efficient in recovering gold from sandy gravels. The material can be mined at any time of the year and it does not require costly equipment. The chief disadvantage is that this process destroys stream beds, which are important habitats for fish and other aquatic organisms.

Block Cave Mining

Block Cave mining is a mining method that is done within the veins of natural cavities in the earth. These caves have been carved out by flowing water, ice or wind when the rock was softer and more pliable. Blockcaves are often used for mining, especially those that contain a large number of ore deposits. This is somehow different from open pit mining.
The mining process starts with blasting holes into the walls so crews can send in and extract the ore. Blockcaves are typically found in places with a history of volcanic activity. The rocks that make up the cave walls and ceilings often contain deposits of valuable minerals such as gold, silver, lead, copper, iron, and zinc.
Mining companies can extract these valuable metals without having to dig through much of the surrounding earth. Blockcaves also tend to have deposits of high-grade ore because they were formed when the magma that created the volcano solidified in porous rock.

Pink Argyle diamond earrings

Pink Argyle diamond earrings

Companies Involved in Mining Argyle Diamonds

De Beers Diamond Company

De Beers is the world's largest diamond producer company. They have been in the business for more than a century, and they are still going strong.
This company has been in existence for over a 100 years and they are known as the world's largest diamond company. De Beers has been doing business in this industry since 1888 when they were founded by Cecil Rhodes and Ernest Oppenheimer.
This company is responsible for sourcing, trading, cutting, polishing, and marketing diamonds. They also own mining operations around the world that produce rough diamonds as well as finished products such as jewelry.

Diamonds International

Diamonds International is a diamond company that has been operating since 1953. They are one of the leading diamond companies in the world and they are also considered to be one of the largest diamond distributors in the world.
Diamonds International provides customers with a wide range of diamonds, jewelry, and other accessories at competitive prices. They have stores around the world and they are present on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
Diamonds International has been able to grow from a small family business into one of the top global brands because they have always focused on providing their customers with high-quality diamonds at affordable prices.

Gem Diamonds Limited

Gem Diamonds Limited is a company that deals in the sale of diamonds. They are the world's second-largest diamond company and they deal in rough, polished, and gemstones.
Gem Diamonds Limited is a leading diamond company that deals in rough, polished, and gemstones. They also have their own mining operations around the world.
The company has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium with offices all over the world including Canada, China, France, and Hong Kong.

Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Holdings Limited

Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Holdings Limited is a holding company that deals in various business activities such as property, mining, and industrial investments.
They have three main divisions which are Property Investments (Property Group), Industrial Investments (Industrial Group), and Mining Investments (Mining Group).
The primary focus of the company is to generate long-term cash flow for shareholders.

Other Locations Where Argyle Pink Diamond is Mined

Argyle Pink Diamonds are mined in Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Canada, India, and Russia. These diamonds are primarily sourced from alluvial deposits that are created when a river carrying diamonds is suddenly blocked by a large boulder.