Many people are not aware that colored diamonds are a natural phenomenon. While there are impostors out there, fancy colored diamonds are real, and they are breathtaking. However, there is so much more to know besides the fact that they exist and that they are stunning. For instance, while there are so many colors to choose from, pink happens to be one of the more popular colors, even though it isn’t as commonly found as some other colors. Here are five surprising facts about pink diamond jewelry and pink diamonds that will make you consider buying them.

Real Pink Diamonds are Rare

All natural diamonds (diamonds found in nature as opposed to diamonds that are created in a lab in a way that mimics the natural process that genuine diamonds went through) are fairly rare. This is due to the simple fact that they were formed beneath the earth’s surface over millions and sometimes even billions of years. They were brought closer to the surface through volcanic eruptions, and are therefore limited in terms of quantity. Additionally, mining diamonds requires a great deal of expertise, resources, and time. Then the “real” work begins, with the sorting, cutting, and polishing of each and every diamond.

Now, add the fact that natural colored diamonds only possess their unique colors because of various elements that exist within the typical diamond structure or because of unusual circumstances that some diamonds had to endure, and you are left with stones that are even rarer and often, more valuable.

Pink diamonds fall into the category of diamonds that received their color from unusual circumstances. These romantic stones were subjected to enormous pressure, which altered the lattice structure within the diamond, resulting in a very special color and intriguing backstory. These facts along with the limited availability of pink diamonds in particular, make them rare and valuable.

Pink diamond jewelry set

Pink diamond jewelry set

Not All Pink Diamonds are Terribly Pricey

Since pink diamonds are quite rare and in high demand, many often ask, are pink diamonds always expensive? The answer to this question is a bit complex as each pink diamond differs from the next, which means that each stone (irrelevant of being the same size) will have a different price tag.

Pink Diamonds Have an Unusual Color Source

As mentioned above, pink diamonds do not receive their color from an extra element within the stone such is the case of yellow diamonds and blue diamonds. Yellow diamonds contain nitrogen and blue diamonds contain boron. These elements cause the specific color in each stone. With pink diamonds, it is a lot trickier. For a long time, gemologists were confused regarding the source of the pink color. Today it is widely accepted that the pink color was caused by immense pressure that the diamond endured, causing a significant change in the structure of the stone, ultimately resulting in a gorgeous pink color.

Real Pink Diamonds Can Have Undertones

Although it is no secret that most people who are seeking a natural pink diamond prefer a pure pink diamond, and may believe that all pink diamonds are purely pink, there are actually more natural pink diamonds that contain undertones than those that are purely pink. Undertones means additional colors that can be detected within the stone, such as brown and purple. The upside of this fact is that stones with undertones are often more affordable and usually just as beautiful! Of course, this is also always a matter of preference.

Pink diamond ring

Pink diamond ring

Where Pink Diamonds are Mined

One of the most common questions asked in regards to pink diamonds is, where do pink diamonds come from? While natural pink diamonds can be found in various parts of the world, they have mainly been sourced from certain countries, such as Australia. The Argyle mine in Western Australia has been “the” source for pink diamonds for the longest time and are still considered superior to pink diamonds from other locations. While Argyle pink diamonds can be exceptional, not all are. Furthermore, the Argyle mine also mines diamonds of other colors. In any case, this mine has since closed its doors, though select stones can still be obtained from various jewelers and diamond dealers.

Lastly, even though diamonds and other gemstones are generally purchased to be set in jewelry pieces or bought already set in jewelry, some choose to purchase especially valuable diamonds such as pink diamonds for investment purposes. While this is a pricey investment that appreciates slowly over time, they are becoming more valuable as the supply continues to dwindle. As an extra advantage, this is an investment that can also be worn and showcased, unlike investments that are tied up in stocks and bonds.